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It's a jungle out there, be prepared...

Project and Display Asset Management



  • Collaborate and engineer your ideas from conception through construction

  • Budget management from pre-show through post show


  • Implement best tactical strategies to maximize your ROI


  • Best of breed vendor matching based on your budget and market 


  • On site supervision and concierge from move-in through move-out


  • Displays and marketing asset management 


Exhibit with Experience


Exhibiting has many challenges, from pre-show through post-show, with iHUE's global experience and network, you will be successfully navigated through each and every detail. Whether you're exhibiting in Boston or Beijing, purchasing a table top or building a mega deck, iHUE is 100% dedicated passion and experience to help you succeed in bringing your ideas and brands to life.


Rob Deschenes, founder and president of iHUE, a New England native, residing in Las Vegas, provides on demand experience in bringing brands to life effectively and efficiently with integrated tactical marketing strategies.  

In 1986, Rob's passion for building led him to joining a small display fabrication shop, Triboro Exhibits, where he first discovered what a trade show is. In 1990, he joined Data General as a Marketing Specialist, where he began to learn high tech marketing, how to brand and configure displays, logistics and working with the labor unions across the United States. In 1992, he joined a very fast growing company, manufacturing hardware, "for this thing called the internet", Cabletron Systems, where he spent 10 years developing and implementing a global trade show program in most regions around the world.  As the high tech industry was converging technologies, Rob ventured out in 2002, co-founding Exhibit Central Inc, where he helped launch Exhibiting On Demand and Tradeshow-in-a-Box to help tech start-ups, small businesses and enterprise companies from around the globe bring their marketing strategies to life affordably in face to face environments.

As trade shows, face to face events and sports marketing continues to grow, Rob continues to stay on top of industry changes, trends, new products and solutions to help inbound and outbound marketing strategies succeed. 

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